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  • Send and receive faxes manually
  • Need ink and paper
  • Manually sort out faxes and archive
  • Printing and scanning might cause poor fax quality

    CimFAX Fax Server

  • Send and receive faxes automatically
  • No paper. No ink.
  • Auto save faxes as PDF to folders
  • Fax from home/office/field in real time
  • Fax to email as PDF

  • Modem + Fax Software VS CimFAX

    Modem + Fax Software

  • Hard to set up
  • Need to run computer and software all the time
  • Low stability and compatibility
  • Possibility of fax failure
  • Modem + Fax Software VS CimFAX

    CimFAX Fax Server

  • Easy to set up
  • Independent of computers. Fax 24/7
  • High stability and compatibility
  • Low possibility of fax failure

  • Digital Fax Machine VS CimFAX

    Digital Fax Machine

  • Poor software interface
  • Need host computer
  • Impossible to forward fax to email or remote login if computer is shut down
  • Impossible to broadcast faxes
  • Digital Fax Machine VS CimFAX

    CimFAX Fax Server

  • Better software interface. Easy to understand
  • Independent of computers. Fax 24/7
  • Fax to email 24/7. Remote login anytime
  • Broadcast faxes

  • Dialogic Fax System VS CimFAX

    Dialogic Fax System

  • Host on rackmount servers
  • Need professional personnels to manage
  • Expensive, both the system itself and its maintenance
  • Need to wire all the fax lines to one place
  • Dialogic Fax System VS CimFAX

    CimFAX Fax Server

  • Independent of computers. Voice prompt at sending and receiving
  • Any person could manage. Easy to set up and configure
  • Cost-effective. Low possiblity of maintenance
  • Remote login from office in another city. No need to wire additional fax lines

  • Online Fax VS CimFAX

    Online Fax

  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Pages limited. Expensive for large faxes
  • Third party involved. Security concerned
  • No real time faxing
  • Online Fax VS CimFAX

    CimFAX Fax Server

  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No page limits. Cost-effective for large faxes
  • No third party involved. Security guaranteed
  • Real time faxing

  • Hot line: +86-4006228700
    Sales: +86-20-85566891
    Support: +86-20-85566892
    Fax: +86-20-85566893
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