Introduction Video

Click snapshot to get image. High definition. Fast and efficient.

A Good Partner with CimFAX

Click Snapshot - Send Fax

Performance Introduction



Capable of recording video, easy to capture any projection


HD Camera

Scan fast and clear


Connect to projector

Suitable for classroom


Scan the name card

Content on both sides of the paper combined into one


Able to recognize code

Auto name, Material document filing


A4/A3 adjustable

Raise up to shoot A3 size, and down to A4 size

Product Features

Image Image Image Image Image

Software Introduction

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Product Details

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Service and Download

Cimsun Document Cameras

Technical Support

  • Email:

  • Warranty Policy

    The warranty period: one year Technical Support:

    Software Download

    Software of the Document Cameras

    Plugin of the CimFAX fax server

    User Manual of the Document Cameras


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